Date of Award

August 2017

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Donald W. Carr

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Arts and Humanities


The health of an aging population is gradually turning into a topic of focus not only domestically but also internationally. The target group of this study is older Americans who are 65 and older. More specifically, elders who lack the motivation to exercise. Currently, related research has shown regular physical exercise is critical for elders to keep fit. However, participating in regular exercise can be challenging for older adults with physical limitations, and it’s often difficult to motivate oneself. There has been an expanded focus on the game design intended to motivate elders to contribute to their overall well-being.Through qualitative research, this project aims to understand which parts of the body require routine exercise and which game-based activities elders prefer. My goal is to design a motivational game that keeps the aging population physically fit, mentally sharp, and socially engaged. In conjunction with this research, I’ve designed a physical large-scale puzzle called “CubeX” as a method to motivate elders to incorporate exercise with a leisurely experience, and this activity might also serve to keep the brain active.


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