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Master of Arts (MA)


Communication and Rhetorical Studies


Anne T. Demo


Civil positioning, global community, NGO, Red Cross, transmedia

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Robert DeChaine’s Global Community seeks to understand how NGOs create and participate in global community. I aspire to join DeChaine’s conversation by examining digital platforms in use for outreach. I use Kingston and Stam’s categorizations of Supersize and Theory 2.0 as guides for understanding how NGOs communicate with constituents via the Internet. Additionally, Ariella Azoulay’s conception of civil positioning provides a framework with which to illustrate how the Internet affords identification with the unfamiliar. I present three case studies: a historical review of the American Red Cross’ outreach efforts, a online flash-game provided by the ICRC called Prisoners of War, and the American Red Cross’ online International Humanitarian Law curriculum. My method of comparative analysis traces rhetorical and design forms the Red Cross utilizes for outreach.


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