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Samuel Gorovitz, Syracuse University

Cathryn R. Newton, Syracuse University



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women's studies, history of science, diversity and inclusion, Women in science, trends in medicine




History of Gender | History of Science, Technology, and Medicine | Medical Humanities | Women's Studies


Triple triumph: Three women in medicine is the story of three physicians.

Three physicians, all women, each perceived serious unmet needs in their fields, and envisioned imaginative approaches to meeting those needs. Each encountered resistance, discouragement, and obstruction from the traditional, male-dominated departments in which they worked. These powerful pioneers, undeterred, created programs that earned the highest levels of national distinction and acclaim. Their work and their names are now legendary—in geriatric medicine, in the treatment of breast cancer, and in diabetes research and treatment. Their stories differ, but the commonalities help us understand why constructive change is often so hard-won, and what it takes in commitment, courage, and tenacity to triumph in the end. Sharon Brangman, Patricia Numann, and Ruth Weinstock are inspiring heroes, from whom we can all learn essential lessons.

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Triple triumph: Three women in medicine



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