SURFACE Management Team

The SURFACE management team is responsible for the overall management of this repository. This team oversees the development of SURFACE, formulates the policies and procedures, initiates collaborative projects, anticipates future trends, and develops a comprehensive marketing strategy for SURFACE promotion. Contact the SURFACE team at .

Team members include:

  • Robert Cleary, Head of Acquisitions and Cataloging,
  • Suzanne Preate, Digital Initiatives Librarian,
  • Patrick Williams, Humanities Subject Specialist,

SURFACE Planning and Implementation Team (Dec. 2009 –2011)

Beginning in December 2009, a team of librarians, staff, and students from the Syracuse University Library, the H. Douglas Barclay Law Library, University Archives, Syracuse University Press, and iSchool, with advice and consultation from University faculty, collaboratively planned and implemented SURFACE, the Syracuse University Research Facility And Collaborative Environment in October 2010. SURFACE is a full-text, multi-media online database that provides open access to the extensive and diverse array of scholarly, professional, scientific, and creative output produced at Syracuse University.

Team members included:

  • Marty Hanson, Library
  • Charlotte Hess, Library
  • Tom Keays, Library
  • Meg Mason, University Archives
  • Suzanne Preate, Library
  • Kay Steinmetz, SU Press
  • Donna Sullivan, Library
  • Sarah Theimer, Library
  • Peter Verheyen, Library
  • Scott Warren, Library
  • Mark Weimer, Library
  • Robert Weiner, Law Library
  • Patrick Williams, Library
  • Carly Xiaoou Cheng, iSchool
  • Philip Bolton, Jr., iSchool