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Mystery is only one of the genres in which prolific writer Richard Hammer dabbles. lrue, he has won two Edgar Allan Poe Awards, but he has also written about the Vietnam War, politics, the civil rights movement, and other events of our times. He is a former New York Times reporter who has published also in many magazines. He wrote and narrated the film Interviews With My-Lai veterans, which won an Academy Award for best documentary. Both Ed gars came in the true crime category, for The Vatican Connection (1982) and The CBS Murders (1987). Other nonfiction works include Betwem Life and Death (1969), One Moming in the War(1971), The Court Martial of Lt. Calley (1972), The Last Testammt of Lucky Luciano (1975), An End to Summer (1979), Mr. Jacobson's War (1980), and Hoffa's Man (1987), among others. Dance Down the Mountain (1988) was his first novel. Hammer, who lives and works in New York City, specialized in Russian studies at SU, and graduated in 1950 with a degree in history.

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