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Archival 101: Dealing with Suppliers of Archival Products

*Do you need to purchase archival supplies for your organization or even yourself?

*Are you confused by the terminology and not sure about what the differences between the various vendors are?

*Not finding exactly what you are looking for and unsure about adapting different products?

Archival 101 is designed to demystify the archival product terminology and market for the layperson and non-preservation specialist. The presentation will provide an overview of the conservation and preservation issues facing libraries, cultural organizations, and individuals; describe the terminology in use; discuss products and offers buying tips on the different ways these can be used. A list of links to other resources will also be provided.

Archival_101_webinar-Verheyen.wmv (57042 kB)
WMV file of webinar with audio, slides, and question & answer at end. Requires GoToMeeting codec and Windows Media Player version 9. Download at

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