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DER PRESSBENGEL/THE BONE FOLDER: A DIALOGUE BETWEEN AN AESTHETICALLY- INCLINED BIBLIOPHILE AND A WELL-VERSED-IN-ALL-ASPECTS-OF-THE- CRAFT BOOKBINDER By Ernst Collin, translated and introduced by Peter D. Verheyen Der Pressbengel, by Ernst Collin, was originally published in German in 1922. This is its first translation into English. Conceived as a dialogue between a bibliophile and a master bookbinder on all aspects of the bookbinding craft as well as specific techniques, the text also addresses the conflicts between quality and cost and matters of good taste. An introduction by the translator discusses the historical context of the decline of formal training, a trend that continues today. Full text of the original German text as well as pdf laid out in signatures for binding and "trade" edition are available at

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