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architectural drawings, archives preservation, library preservation


Archival Science | Art and Materials Conservation | Book and Paper | Historic Preservation and Conservation | Library and Information Science


When the Department of Special Collections at the Syracuse University Library acquired the papers of Werner Seligmann, an architect and former Dean of the Syracuse University School of Architecture, the opportunity presented itself to develop a model storage system that could be applied to the other architectural drawings in the Department. While not large in comparison to these other collections, the Seligmann Papers were sizable enough to give us a better understanding of the storage issues involved if we decided to undertake the task of re-housing our other drawings. If such a task were to be undertaken, a new storage system would need to be compact, scalable, economical, and archivally sound. This paper describes the challenges, preservation, cost and space issues we addressed as well as the method of work we followed to house the Seligmann drawings.

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