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Library and Information Science


The contemporary information landscape has produced numerous incidents of researchers having their research misunderstood, misrepresented, or misappropriated—or worse, being subjected to intimidation and harassment—by individuals or groups who seek to cherry-pick evidence in support of ideological agendas or who wish to suppress evidence that counters those same agendas. While the covid-19 pandemic elevated these tactics in their frequency, visibility, and intensity, this phenomenon did not start or end with the pandemic. To help prepare current and future researchers for the possibility that their research might be misrepresented, misappropriated, or politicized in other ways by ideologically motivated individuals or groups, Syracuse University Libraries offers a workshop that covers ways to prepare for and respond to the misrepresentation and misappropriation of their research. The workshop offers participants strategies and tools for researchers to stay current on scholarly and popular communication about their research and field of research; suggestions on venues for preparing and testing responses for potential incidents in which their research is misrepresented or misappropriated; and tactics for handling incidents should they arise.

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