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Collection development librarians often find themselves in charge of selection and deselection for some unfamiliar subjects. While there is extensive literature and courses on general collection development, there are limited courses on science and engineering in particular. This session will focus on science and engineering collection development strategies. It is designed to build self-confidence for people new to the profession, those who are transitioning to collection development in science and engineering, and those with no science subject background. Four librarians from diverse institutions, responsible for science and engineering collection development, will discuss topics important to their roles and strategies learned on the job related to:

  • Negotiating with science and engineering publishers,
  • How faculty relations drive collections,
  • The role of the monograph in science and engineering,
  • Unique usage patterns found within these subjects and their effect on collections decisions.

This presentation has a wealth of information to build or bolster confidence, promote professional growth and leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) collection development. It will be beneficial for practicing STEM librarians, particularly those in the up & coming category or those with new collection development responsibilities.

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