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A strategic plan is a tool that enables an organization to revitalize itself and focus on a set of mission-critical goals over a period of time. A well-crafted plan intentionally implemented and consistently monitored promotes success in strategic areas and provides a foundation for transforming services, technology, collections, and infrastructure to meet the constantly evolving needs and demands of teaching, research, and scholarly communication. A strategic plan:

  • articulates commonly held values and a shared sense of purpose and mission
  • proposes goals and assesses progress to those goals
  • informs decision-making
  • enables action within a larger context that is known and understood by all
  • establishes a continuous planning process

A strategic plan is a starting point in an ongoing process.

The Syracuse University Library strategic plan, “Targets for Transformation: a strategic plan for the Syracuse University Library, 2000-2005” was submitted to University Librarian Peter Graham in July 2000. According to Graham, a strategic plan was necessary “to shape our University’s future information services and environment.”

The Library undertook a strategic planning process to enhance its effectiveness within the University’s intellectual and cultural life. The planning process began in July 1999 with a Library management team retreat, focused on understanding the planning process, identifying aspirations, establishing planning assumptions, and conducting an environmental scan. In August 1999 the Library held staff town meetings based on two questions: 1) in 2004, what do we want our users to say about the Library? and 2) in 2004, what do we want to say about the Library?



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