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Archival Science | Art and Materials Conservation | Art Practice | Book and Paper | Library and Information Science


This book review was originally published in the Guild of Book Workers' Newsletter, Vol 181, December, 2008. "The Changing Book: Transitions in Design Production, and Preservation publishes the proceedings of the conference of the same name organized by and held at the University of Iowa July 22-25,2005. This conference tied together many threads, from an exhibition honoring the life's work of William (Bill) Anthony, the first conservator at the University of Iowa and teacher to some of today's best, to a "tent show" which gave the public the opportunity to learn about the book arts hands-on, to 19 formal presentations spanning from the evolution of the "book," trends in book production, and the future of the physical book in the face of digital technology. Also covered were aspects ofthe craft of bookbinding, conservation, book arts, and education in the fields."

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