Music has thrived at Syracuse University since 1877, when the Department of Music was founded and SU became the first university in the United States to grant a degree in music and require four years’ study in both music and theory. Now known as the Rose, Jules R., and Stanford S. Setnor School of Music, the school continues this proud tradition by offering professional-level training through challenging and relevant degree programs that allow talented musicians and future music industry leaders to excel both collectively and as individuals. The Setnor School of Music offers opportunities for the highest level of professional musical development and accomplishment in our students within the context of a broad, humanistic education. We encourage the widest possible range of creative options for our students, recognizing that the Western classical tradition continues to grow and expand and that it is only one in a world of myriad others. We believe all our areas of emphasis — instrumental and vocal performance, conducting, music education, music industry, and composition — are interdependent and integral to the success of the school, the health of the profession and the evolution of culture, and we therefore strive for the highest standards in every one of these degree programs.

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