Culture and Conversion: An Analytical Study of the Interaction between Western Theology and Eastern Culture through the Christian Missions in the Indian Sub-Continent

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Gabriel Vahanian


Indian Christianity, Missions

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The following discussion on culture and conversion is intended to be a practical contribution to the theological predicament of Indian Christianity. With few exceptions, the Indian theological circle has never been free to develop an authentic theology that is relevant to the Indian Cultural context. Whatever it is, theology as it has emerged in India so far has largely been determined not so much by the Indian predicament as by the supporting foreign missions. Generally speaking, the Christian Church in India never consciously acknowledged the work of God in non-Christian, religio-cultural structures and therefore treated everything non-Christian as anathema. ...

It is hoped that the present work awakens the Indian theological circle to the fact that it is only by formulating its own problematic, and not by being dictated to by denominational accessories in the West, that Christianity in India will be able to develop an authentic Christian theology of Indian culture relevant to the Indian predicament.


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