Most Recent Additions to SURFACE*


The Use of a Large, Extensive Green Roof for Multiple Research Objectives
Cliff I. Davidson, Carli D. Flynn, Charitha Gunawardana, Alexsander J. Johnson, Mallory N. Squier, and Lucie L. Worthen


Integrated vegetation model for studying the cooling potential of trees in urban street canyons
Lento Lento Manickathan1,2,*, Aytaç Kubilay1,2, Thijs Defraeye1,3, Jonas Allegrini1,2, Dominique Derome2, Jan Carmeliet1,2; Aytaç Kubilay; Thijs Defraeye; Jonas Allegrini; Dominique Derome; and Jan Carmeliet


Greening rooftops to reduce heat islands: How large is large enough?
Jiachuan Yang and Elie Bou-Zeid Princeton University


Multi-stage optimal design of energy systems for urban districts
Georgios Mavromatidis, Kristina Orehounig, and Jan Carmeliet


Faculty Publications for Academic Year 2018-19
Kathleen Brandt, Brian Lonsway, Lori Brown, Junho Chun, Sekou Cooke, Gregory Corso, Julia Czerniak, Lawrence Davis, Mitesh Dixit, Jonathan Louie, Nicole McIntosh, Marcos Parga, Daekwon Park, Fei Wang, Amber Bartosh, Jean-Francois Bedard, Lawrence Chua, Molly Hunker, Roger Hubeli, Julie Larsen, Elizabeth Krietemeyer, Mark Linder, Sinead Mac Namara, Yutaka Sho, Ted Brown, Joseph Godlewski, Kyle Miller, and David Shanks

*Updated as of 08/21/19.