Justice Douglas And Administrative Law

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Political Science


Michael O. Sawyer


Political science, William O. Douglas, United States government, Bureaucracy

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Legal Studies


Some scholars date the establishment of administration law from English decisions in the last decades of the sixteenth century. Others look to the early statutes under the Constitution in the United States that were concerned with veterans' pensions and trade regulation. Still others claim that administration law began in earnest with the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission in the nineteenth century. Regardless of the date chosen, there can be little doubt that the New Deal and the years which have followed have fundamentally altered and increased the scope of administrative law. It was during this period that William O. Douglas entered government service with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Five years later, President Roosevelt appointed him to succeed Louis Brandeis on the Supreme Court. ...

... material written by and about [Douglas] tended to reflect ... civil liberties and judicial activism topics. This study deals with another aspect of his work, namely, administrative law.


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