The economic trend in immigration policy: A comparative analysis of the entrepreneur/investor program in Canada, United States and Australia

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Political Science


Grant Reeher


Economic, Immigration policy, Entrepreneur/investor, Investor, Canada, United States

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International Relations | Political Science | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Immigration promises to be one of the most important issues for Canada, Australia and the United States in the new millennium, and it raises a fundamental question: What type of newcomer should be admitted? Until after World War II, the United States, Canada and Australia took in almost all the immigrants who could get to their shores. However, now in the new millennium immigration has become more Surface provides description only. Full text is available to ProQuest subscribers. Ask your Librarian for assistance. through complex systems that favors skills, capital assets and globalized economies. This study examines an immigration policy that was designed in all three countries to build up the skill and human capital of migration flows, and will help broaden the base of knowledge concerning skilled immigration and economic flows of people, by examining the Investor/Entrepreneurial Programs in Canada, Australia and the United States. This study will compare the success and failure of these programs. It will discuss the decision making motives of the immigrants who took advantage of these programs in all three countries. There are very few studies so far that have examined the rationale behind the decision the entrepreneurs/investors admitted into these programs make to start the type of businesses they actually start, and the final destination of choice. The focus so far, has mainly been on why the business immigration program exists, and what the general economic and social impact in any given area has been. This study will fill that void somewhat. It is clearly a stepping stone from which advanced studies can use to delve deeper into the opportunities and pitfalls, that immigration policies based on economic factors can, and do face.


Surface provides description only. Full text is available to ProQuest subscribers. Ask your Librarian for assistance.