Juan Denzer: 0000-0002-8638-9023

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Fall 10-20-2023


AI, ChatGPT, generative AI, Artificial Intelligence




Library and Information Science


Librarians have long utilized technology to enhance productivity and information sharing. However, the pace of adopting new technologies in libraries has been limited by factors such as funding constraints, privacy concerns, and a non-profit focus. This proposal aims to explore the transformative potential of advanced AI tools, specifically large language models (LLMs), in the field of librarianship. While natural language tools like ChatGPT and Google's Bard have garnered attention, misconceptions and fears surrounding academic integrity and negative media coverage have hindered the broader acceptance of these AI advancements. Paradoxically, many existing tools in libraries, such as translation services and customer support, already employ AI technology to a lesser extent. This session seeks to move beyond ChatGPT and delve into a wider range of advanced AI tools. Librarian Syracuse University will demonstrate how these tools can be effectively harnessed to fine-tune and enhance library workflows. Examples include assisting STEM librarians in selection decisions, facilitating journal comparisons, generating draft announcements, and providing guidance on article submissions. Engaging with these tools not only improves librarians' productivity but also enhances their ability to serve library users in an increasingly digital and information-driven world. This proactive approach to leveraging advanced AI tools will help libraries thrive in the evolving landscape of technology and information access.

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