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High Performance Computing, HPF/Fortran 90D, ESP, ESP-i, ESPial




Software Engineering


The development of efficient application software capable of exploiting available High Performance Computing (HPC) systems is non-trivial and is largely governed by the availability of sufficiently high-level languages, tools, and application development environments. In this paper we describe the design and operation of a toolkit for HPF/Fortran 90D application development. The toolkit incorporates the following systems: (1) ESP: An Interpretive Framework for HPF/Fortran 90D Performance Prediction; (2) ESP-i: A HPF/Fortran 90D Functional Interpreter; and (3) ESPial: An Integrated Environment for HPF/Fortran 90D Application Development & Execution. The toolkit has been implemented on the iPSC/860 hypercube system, and is supported by an interactive, graphical user interface (ESPView) which provides application developers with the following functionality: design evaluation capability, functional verification capability, performance visualization support, experimentation capability,

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