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High Performance Computing Models, Storm-Scale Weather Prediction, Massively Parallel Processing, Advanced Regional Prediction System, ARPS, SIMD architecture, MIMD architecture, Fortran D, High Performance Fortran




Computer Sciences | Meteorology | Programming Languages and Compilers


A methodology for developing future generations of a storm-scale weather prediction model for Massively Parallel Processing is described. The forecast model is the Advanced Regional Prediction System (ARPS), a three-dimensional, fully compressible, non-hydrostatic predictive model. In the short term, the computational goals include developing a portable, scalable model for distributed memory SIMD and MIMD architectures, while preserving a high degree of modularity to support rapid design and validation, maintainability, educational goals and operational testing. Longer term computational goals include a parallel adaptive mesh refinement scheme. A FortranD/High Performance Fortran version of the ARPS provides portability in the current version of the model, and supports future model research goals.

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