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High Performance Computing and Communication, HPCC, High Speed Networks, NYNET, HPCC applications




Computer Sciences


Current advances in telecommunication and computing will have significant impact on the proliferation of high performance computing and communication (HPCC) applications. With these emerging technologies, it is feasible to run parallel and distributed applications across a high speed wide area network which was not possible a few years ago; the high latency and low bandwidth were the main bottlenecks for the wide area network-based computing. This has lead to the deployment of several high speed networks across the country (eg. NYNET). In this report, we describe some of the HPCC applications and our experiences and lessons learned from running them over the NYNET testbed. NYNET is one of the first wide area networks to use commercially available ATM switches and first to have an aggressive research plan to develop a wide range of large scale HPCC applications. NYNET testbed covers all the New York State and part of Massachusetts State and provides an interconnection between leading educational institutions, government laboratories and industrial labs. The main objectives of this project were to develop and demonstrate HPCC applications and evaluate current HPCC enabling technologies. We show the benefits that can be achieved from applying HPCC technologies to implement applications encountered in military (eg. Multi-target tracker), industry (eg. Financial modeling), scientific applications (eg. Electromagnetic scattering) and health care. Futhermore, we benchmark and evaluate several parallel and distributed platforms and software tools for developing such HPCC applications on NYNET.

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