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CORBA, Java, COM, WOM, Web Object Management Architecture, Pragmatic Object Web, Visual Dataflow, WebFlow, Modeling and Simulation, High Level Architecture, Run-Time Infrastructure




Computer Sciences | Programming Languages and Compilers


We are discussing the four major standard candidates for distributed object/componentware computing: Java, CORBA, COM and WOM within our proposed coordination framework we call Pragmatic Object Web (POW). We describe our integration approach based on multi-protocol middleware server JWORB (Java Web Object Request Broker) that currently integrates HTTP and IIOP and which we now further develop to also support COM and WOM core functionalities. We are also experimenting with visual data ow authoring front-ends using NPAC WebFlow system on top of JWORB based software bus. Finally, we illustrate our technologies in one major application domain- DoD Modeling and Simulation- where we use JWORB to implement the Real-Time Infrastructure (RTI) layer of High Level Architecture (HLA). HLA was recently specified by DMSO as a general integration framework for DoD distributed simulations and we claim that we can bring it to a broader community of distributed collaborative object/componentware computing via the interactive Web/CORBA/Java/COM interfaces of our Pragmatic Object Web.

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