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programming tools, programming environments, HPDC, high performance computing, Java Web Object Request Brokers, JWORB, Java-based web server




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Programming environments and tools that are simultaneously sustainable, highly functional, robust and easy to use have been hard to come by in the HPDC area. This is partially due to the difficulty in developing sophisticated customized systems for what is relatively small part of the worldwide computing enterprise. As the commodity software becomes naturally distributed with the onset of Web and Intranets, we observe now a new trend in HPDC community [1, 8, 12] to base high performance computing on the modern enterprise computing technologies. .. JWORB is a multi-protocol Java server under development at NPAC, currently capable of handling HTTP and IIOP protocols. Hence, JWORB can be viewed as a Java-based Web Server which can also act as a BORBA broker. We present here JWORB rationale, architecture implementation status, results of early performance measurements and we illustrate its role in the new WebFlow system under development.

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Submitted for HPDC7

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