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SNAP, Scalable (ATM) Network and (PC) Platforms, WebWindows, WebTop, WebWord, WebLotus123, WebNotes, MPP programming environment, WebFlow




Computer Sciences


We elaborate the SNAP---Scalable (ATM) Network and (PC) Platforms---view of computing in the year 2000. The World Wide Web will continue its rapid evolution, and in the future, applications will not be written for Windows NT/95 or UNIX, but rather for WebWindows with interfaces defined by the standards of Web servers and clients. This universal environment will support WebTop productivity tools, such as WebWord, WebLotus123, and WebNotes built in modular dynamic fashion, and undermining the business model for large software companies. We define a layered WebWindows software architecture in which applications are built on top of multi-use services. We discuss examples including business enterprise systems (IntraNets), health care, financial services and education. HPCC is implicit throughout this discussion for there is no larger parallel system than the World Wide metacomputer. We suggest building the MPP programming environment in terms of pervasive sustainable WebWindows technologies. In particular, WebFlow will support naturally dataflow integrating data and compute intensive applications on distributed heterogeneous systems.

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Technical Report SCCS-758

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