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Working Paper




Parallel Virtual Machine, PVM, concurrent programs, distributed systems, AVS framework, stock option price modeling, integrated networking, visualization frameowrk




Computer Sciences


We discuss techniques in developing interactive Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) concurrent programs on distributed systems under AVS framework. Using a stock option price modeling application as a case study, we demonstrate a simple, effective and modular approach to coupling network-based concurrent modules into an interactive remote visualization environment. A prototype simulation on-demand system is developed, in which parallel option pricing models locally implemented on two distributed systems, an Ethernet-connected IBM SP1 and a FDDI-based GIGswitch-connected DEC Alpha farm, are coupled with an interactive graphical user interface over a ATM-based wide area network. This integrated networking/visualization framework allows one to use a high level system software approach to combine AVS visualization modules with remote concurrent PVM tasks in fine-grain parallelism.

Additional Information

Technical Report SCCS-611



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