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Working Paper




parallel computing, distributed computing, high performance distributed computing, HPDC, supercomputing




Computer Sciences


With the current advances in computer and networking technology coupled with the availability of software tools for parallel and distributed computing, there has been increased interests in high-performance distributed computing (HPDC). We envision that HPDC environments with supercomputing capabilities will be available in the near future. However, a number of issues have to be resolved before future network-based applications can exploit fully the potential of HPDC environment. In this paper, we present an architecture of a high-speed local area network and a communication system that provides HPDC applications with high bandwidth and low latency. We also characterize the message-passing primitives required in HPDC applications and develop a communication protocol that implements these primitives efficiently.

Additional Information

Concurrency, Practice and Experience. Special Issue: High Performance Distributed Computing, Volume 251, pp. 251-270



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