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Master of Arts (MA)


Media Studies


Brad Gorham


Facebook, Relationships, Social Media

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This study employed a mixed method approach to understand how Facebook interferes with romantic relationships. The methods included a qualitative textual analysis of 53 Facebook interest groups about marriage dissolution as a result of Facebook. The text consisted primarily of wall comments. However, images, links, and Facebook likes were also analyzed. Concepts were organized into themes that detailed how Facebook contributes to computer-mediated relationship dissolution, a concept dubbed digital intimacy interference (DII). The textual analysis also unveiled how and why individuals use Facebook groups to discuss DII. The textual analysis was then used to inform a quantitative study of individuals' Facebook behavior and feelings about Facebook's role in romantic relationships. The survey measured participants' Facebook behavior and whether their behavior related to their feelings about Facebook and it's role in romantic relationships. Correlation and independent sample t-tests were run to establish whether there is a relationship between certain Facebook behaviors and feelings about romantic relationships. The two methods were designed to generate a holistic understanding of the phenomenon of digital intimacy interference on social networking sites.


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