Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Media Studies


Brenda Wrigley


Facebook, Qualitative, Self-Disclosure, Support, Women

Subject Categories

Other Communication | Women's Studies


This study focused on women's self-disclosures on Facebook and how they functioned to both gain and give support on the site. After employing 17 textual analyses of participants' Facebook pages and 17 in-depth interviews, a variety of themes emerged in regards to how and why women give and seek support on the site, the types of information disclosed, and the benefits of self-disclosing to gain support on the site. More specifically, results indicate that gender role expectations, which for women include exhibiting behaviors that convey warmth, kindness and politeness, play a large role in giving and receiving support on the site. Furthermore, the public nature of Facebook created a supportive and positive environment for women to both receive and give support. It is suggested that future research explore the ways in which others contribute to one's self-presentation. Future research should also explore the themes related to this study using survey methodology.


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