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I've just been reading My Life in Art by Constantin Stanislavsky. It must be a bible to all the creative people in the theatre. I read it again to bring. closer my experience with the Moscow Art Theatre in 1924. They came to America for the first time in that year. I yearned to make pictures of them but didn't dream I ever could; then a miracle happened. I had a good friend, Dr. Boris Bogoslovosky, an educator and for many years a great admirer of my work. He was also a close friend of V. V. Lushsky, one of the important actors of the Moscow Art Theatre. When Boris learned how much I wanted to make photographs, he took Lushsky aside and told him some things about me. Lushsky took fire and told the actors they couldn't leave America without my photographing them. They were leaving for Russia the next day and were packing. It was hot, terribly hot. They were all excited and disheveled getting ready to leave. The only place to do them was in the courtyard of the theater which was awful. They came out one by one, all hot and bothered. I remember Knipper coming out holding her head in her hands. She had lost her keys. I made them. I think they were the most terrible set of pictures I ever made. However, in 1925 they came again and I was able to do them at leisure. Here are a few of the pprtraits I made then.

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The Courier, January 1971, p. 19-31


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