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Nearly 250,000 babies are born each year to undocumented immigrant parents in the U.S. These babies are U.S. citizens, but undocumented immigrants are ineligible for most public insurance, making it difficult for them to access prenatal care. This research brief describes restrictive policies related to prenatal care for undocumented immigrants and discusses how these policies affect health care providers and the care they are able to offer pregnant immigrant women.

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prenatal care, undocumented immigrants, policy, ethics


Bioethics and Medical Ethics | Health Policy | International Relations | Medicine and Health




The author acknowledges Dr. Holly Taylor of the NIH, the coauthor of the paper on which this research brief is based, as well as Dr. Nancy Berlinger of the Hastings Center, whose comments on the original paper and the application of the “workarounds” model were invaluable.

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