Arval A. Morris


This article is a critical, comparative introduction to West Germany's new telecommunication law that suggests solutions to some of the problems the new law creates but does not address. Government regulations both at the national and international levels, however, often lag behind, are often sorely outdated, and frequently hamper attempts to modernize. When the regulations are current, they tend to be episodic, seemingly more designed to defuse existing trade crises than to anticipate and avoid them. However, constructive governmental regulation of telecommunications at the national level is stirring. It is beginning to look as though telecommunication at the national level may become an exception to the general pattern of "crises defusion" regulation, even though some telecommunication changes seem to have been motivated by the most provincial notions of national self-interest. International governmental agreement and regulation aimed at generally developing and maintaining an open, stable, fair and vigorous international telecommunication order remain to be created."





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