Corri Zoli
Rosalinda Maury
Daniel Fay

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veterans’ transition; higher education




Social and Behavioral Sciences


Developed with generous support from a Google Global Impact Award and in dialogue with our partners—the Student Veterans of America (SVA), the Posse Foundation, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)—this summary report uses an interdisciplinary, data-driven approach to understand how today’s Post-9/11 military servicemembers are faring in their transition processes, especially in higher education. The report prioritizes an evidence-based approach through targeted surveys, interviews, and focus groups and centers the perspectives of recent servicemembers (active-duty, reserves, National Guard, veterans, and their families) in its analyses. Research findings are based on multi-method studies of servicemembers in their multiple roles: as warfighters, civilians, students, professionals, employees, and family members, among others. Research results are designed to elevate the public, academic, and policy discourse on Post- 9/11 servicemembers, to inform recommendations to improve post-service transition, and to form the foundation for a second study on best strategies for servicemembers in higher education and civilian careers. All data and results will be made publically available online for military and veterans’ communities; government, policymakers, and administrative staff at federal agencies; and the academic community, including scholars, administrators, and academic leaders.

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