The research in this IVMF review introduces an enhanced framework and practical model for evaluating the well-being of post-9/11 veterans as they transition back to civilian life. Data analysis spanning 2.5 years from a substantial cohort of post-9/11 veterans revealed varied experiences during their transition: while some exhibited progress, notably in employment, others faced stagnation or decline, particularly in physical health. Even in areas of improvement, a significant portion of veterans continued to encounter challenges, with mental health issues affecting 34% at a certain study juncture. Furthermore, specific demographics such as enlisted personnel, women, and people of color were disproportionately susceptible to transition difficulties. The proposed framework and model serve to initiate discussions on enhancing the understanding, evaluation, and support mechanisms for veterans during their transition from military to civilian life. Implications for practice, policy, and future research are also included in this research review.

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Karre, J. K., Perkins, D. F., Morgan, N. R., Davenport, K. E., Aronson, K. R., Maury, R. V., Bradbard, D., Armstrong, N. J., Wright, A., Sargent, R., & Andros, M. (2024). What do successful military-to-civilian transitions look like? A revised framework and a new conceptual model for assessing veteran well-being. Armed Forces & Society.

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Military and Veterans Studies


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Veterans, Military-to-civilian transition, Well-being, North America


Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University





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