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social media, digital literacy, information literacy, media literacy




Thanks to the organizers of the 7th International Conference on E-publishing: Library 4.0 in Action, 2023, held at the University of Jordan Library, Amman, Jordan and Professor Nashwaran Taha for my invitation to present.


Library and Information Science


For many years media literacy has addressed ways of verifying information, and information literacy has addressed finding information and understanding its production. But today’s social media takes us out of the realm of standard information sources to open, online discussion. The volatility of these environments suggests the need for social media literacy that complements both media and information literacy. This talk takes up the topic of social media literacy, highlighting what is different in these environments, and what will help make literate social media participants. The presentation reviews contemporary ideas about literacy and discusses the contemporary trends in understanding literacy: literacy as reading and interpretation of texts, where texts refers to any mode – visual, auditory, etc.; literacy as active interrogation of sources and resources; literacy as tool for successful engagement in educational, work, social, and civic setting; literacy as encompassing engagement with contemporary means of communication and information production, from printed text to social media. This presentation considers current named literacies relevant to the social media age, and examines what is different about social media that requires building on media, information, and digital literacy to define a social media literacy

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