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Spring 4-23-2018


Use and Non-use of Technology, Internet of Things, Mixed-Method Study




Library and Information Science


The potential of things or objects generating and processing data about day-to-day activities of its users has given a new level of popularity to Internet of Things (IoT) among its consumers. Even though the popularity has seen a steady increase, the use of IoT devices has been slow and abandonment rapid. To build on the existing literature and advance our understanding of the sociological processes of use and non-use of these devices, this paper presents results from the survey of 489 IoT users. Our qualitative analysis of open ended questions revealed that the motives for use include multi-functionality of devices that provide control over daily activities, social competitive edge, economic advantage, and habit. The justifications for limiting or stopping the use include privacy concerns, information overload and inaccuracy, demotivation because of the reminders about pending or failed goals, no excitement after satisfying initial curiosity, and maintenance becoming unmanageable in terms of effort, time, and money.


ACM 978-1-4503-5621-3/18/04



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