Each year the FPP sponsors a professional development conference for FPP participants and faculty at SU and nearby schools. The 2- or 3-day program is generally held at a resort-style center such as SU’s Minnowbrook facility in the Adirondacks or the White Eagle Conference Center in Hamilton, NY, the week after Commencement.

The relaxed environment provides a forum for faculty and graduate students from a variety of disciplines to discuss current issues in higher education, learn about new pedagogical and technological advances relevant to the academy, and envision future directions for the FPP.

Programming includes a combination of plenary and concurrent sessions that cover multiple facets of graduate student and faculty life. Popular session topics from previous conferences include diversity in the classroom, teaching strategies, job search preparation, surviving the first year as a faculty member, mock job interviews, dissertation writing, and academic publication.

Departmental contributions to the programming for the conference are strongly encouraged. Just as important are the numerous networking, mentoring, and recreational opportunities afforded by the conference’s generous schedule and bucolic surroundings. Best of all, registration, accommodations, food, and transportation are all paid for by the Graduate School!

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2011 Conference - Articulations of Power