Political and Constitutional Aspects of the Origins and Development of Local Government in Kenya 1895-1963

Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Robert G. Gregory


African politics, Kenya, local governement, colonial period

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African History | History


This is a study of local government development vis-à-vis Kenya’s political and constitutional history during the colonial period. Beginning with the indigenous political systems it traces the colonial administrators’ activities together with African and European settler influences in the emergence of the existing local government outside the urban centers. In this regard it is a study of the evolution of an institution. In another respect, however, it is an examination of administrative policies concerning the structure and mechanism for African participation in the politics of a plural society. A central theme of the work is that local government history furnishes a veritable instrument for unlocking the ideas and attitudes of colonial administrators toward African political development. The study shows that the scope of political experience and constitutional history is much broader and richer than the pronouncements and activities of the major national leaders and the events and decisions at the center around which a tradition of writing political and constitutional history has developed. Local government history provides a new angle for understanding Kenya’s political and constitutional development besides offering another dimension to such a study.


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