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Honors Capstone Project

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Summer 8-9-2017

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Hossein Bashiriyeh

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Rania Habib

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Aleppo, rehabilitation

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Cultural Resource Management and Policy Analysis | Other Architecture | Urban, Community and Regional Planning


There is little doubt that the Syrian civil war has catalyzed what experts and onlookers now consider the greatest humanitarian crisis in the 21st century. Per the UNHCR, the UN Refugee relief agency supporting refugee camps across the globe, roughly half of Syria’s 22 million pre-war population has been displaced, most which have fled to neighboring countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and beyond to seek refuge. 13.5 million of these people, whether unable to leave their homes or awaiting permission to do so, are in dire need of international support from non-for-profit relief agencies struggling to provide basic necessities of food, water, electricity and shelter ( Unfortunately for these refugees, seeking shelter in foreign nations is rarely a positive experience. Refugee camps, with tents meant to house displaced peoples for a duration not to exceed two to three years, are overrun with hygienic crises, crime and suffering due to the relatively uncontrolled growth of refugee registrations and overburdening influx of peoples into camps already saturated with struggling families. In a period where developed nations have the greatest amount of access to media covering refugee issues, including photographs, videos and testimonials, even the most charitable nations in the world feel increasingly unable to provide contributions. Perhaps more tellingly, these nations are also growing increasingly ambivalent to the complex political scenarios involved in our leaders’ decisions and political savvy to truly make a difference.

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