Josue Deya

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Volume V

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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-2016

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Randall Jorgensen

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Arts and Science

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dental phobia

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Won Capstone Funding


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Sciences and Engineering

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Individuals who fear the dentist or have dental phobia, actively avoid routine care and dental procedures, leading to deterioration of their oral health. Consequently, research into possible triggers of dental related anxiety is of interest. The purpose of the current study is to develop a standardized set of images and sounds to use in future cue reactivity studies for a specific population: namely, college students varying in their fear and anxiety based reactions to the dentist and dental procedures. Participants were given questionnaires assessing their personality, oral health behaviors, and dental anxiety. Participants were also asked to assess negative dental images and sounds using measures of valence and arousal.

No significant correlations were found between dental anxiety and participant’s response to the negative images. However, significant correlations between sound arousal and dental anxiety were found. Significant correlations between Conscientiousness and participants’ dental anxiety and fear were obtained. Further high dental anxiety and fear were correlated with the experience of not knowing what is going on, not having control, and lack of sympathy from dentists.

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