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Volume VI

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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-2016

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Brian Sheehan

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Public Communications

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the 1980 Literacy Campaign

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When the Sandinista socialist government gained control they began a total reformation of the country, most notably, the education system. The government supported a small group of men who created the 1980 Literacy Campaign, which worked to educate the majority of the nation. Nicaraguan literacy rates jumped from 49.65% to 87.04% in five months. Despite their successes, literacy rates still suffer today. Through primary research, it has been determined that the biggest issue facing Nicaraguan literacy are “vegetable literates,” those who lose their literacy because they do not use it. In order to combat the issue, I developed a four-part campaign which includes a television commercial, a mobile app, an outdoor Blue Box library and a Facebook campaign. The campaign focuses on two objectives: access to literacy material, and an incentive to participate in the movement. Born from these objectives was the idea of community development through literacy. Each creative execution manifests itself within the idea that literacy can benefit you and your community.

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