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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-5-2015

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Prof. Hal Silverman

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Prof. Seth Gitner

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Public Communications

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The context of this project is a digital magazine format featuring lifestyle photography for local restaurants in northern New Jersey. Conceptually, the intent of the magazine is to provide the reader a glimpse of restaurants in their entirety, from food to environment. I produced all content, except for the real user reviews, and created the design and interactive elements to accompany the content. The reviews are from actual customers who I talked to at each restaurant location. After multiple trips to each restaurant to photograph the food and atmosphere and talk to staff and customers, I edited the content in Adobe Photoshop and then imported all the images into Adobe Indesign where I produced the final digital product. The process of gathering all images, creating a consistent layout and final product was long but rewarding.

This project is important because it benefits local businesses and community long-term health. In return for free advertising, the restaurants were very open and willing to help me gain access to what I needed to photograph to complete this project. Through the digital format I will be able to reach a large audience at a low cost and positively promote these great local restaurants. Neighborhood Eats, Local Restaurants in NJ showcases six restaurants located in northern New Jersey in a unique and artistic manner to highlight the restaurants characteristics.

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