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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2013

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Linchi Kwok PhD

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Joseph Adamo PhD

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Hospitality Management

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Sport and Human Dynamics

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Won Capstone Funding


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Food and Beverage Management | Hospitality Administration and Management


The development of a business plan is a requirement of all graduating seniors enrolled in the Hospitality Management program. The concepts and development of the businesses are extremely varied. In the particular case of BarLee, an urban beer garden, the idea came from a variety of sources.

BarLee’s layout and format adheres to that outlined by the Small Business Association. The guideline for business development is a standard followed by all small business entrepreneurs. The style of the writing is in the form of a pitch to an investor. The investor may be a bank, in the form of small business loans, a private angel investor, or other sources of financial capital.

Some of the key components of the business plan are the financial all summarized in the text as well as showcased in the appendices. The appendices are to a certain extent more important than the written work because of the heavy importance placed upon financial forecasting. The financial forecasting shows the overall success of failure of a business based solely upon the number, known in business as the bottom line.

The successful completion of a business plan requires a variety of skills, including marketing, advertising, accounting, and human resources. The processes involved in the development of a food and beverage related business plan required the used of four years of academic knowledge as well as years of internship experience acquired over the duration of my college matriculation.

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