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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-5-2015

Capstone Advisor

Prof. Michael Cremedas

Honors Reader

Prof. Suzanne Lysak

Capstone Major

Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Capstone College

Public Communications

Audio/Visual Component



CitrusTV, cooking show

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Won Capstone Funding


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“College Eats - Beyond Ramen” is a cooking show for college students. The mission of the show is to show college students that cooking healthy and delicious dishes is simple. The show is made possible through the completely student-run campus TV station (CitrusTV). The project consists of four seasons of the show with 55 episodes total. Episodes range anywhere from two to 15 minutes long and can all be found on YouTube and the campus television network (Orange Television Network). The show is pre-taped. I created the show as well as hosting and producing it.

I have recruited crew to work on the show with me, working cameras, directing and helping with editing. I am involved in everything from the original idea for a recipe to shooting episodes and editing in post-production. There is a shoot every other Friday and during each shoot we do anywhere from two to five episodes. An episode is posted weekly on YouTube along with a step-by-step description on the show’s blog. We use SONY NX5U cameras and a GoPro as well as AVID editing software.

The show is not just my Capstone project, but also an official CitrusTV show and will continue even though the project is done. A big part of the project was making sure that there are people to run the show next year and to get funding as well. I started the show because it combines two things I am passionate about - my major (Broadcast and Digital Journalism) and cooking. This project involved working in every aspect of the show, learning how to manage people, and developing my skills in both producing and on-air television.

All episodes can be found here:

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