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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-5-2015

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Prof. Beth Egan

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Prof. Brian Sheehan

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Public Communications

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digital media, veiwability

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Advertising and Promotion Management


This thesis addresses the ongoing debate surrounding Viewability within the digital advertising industry. Since advertising is the lifeblood of many publishers and sites across the web, it is vital that brands and marketers derive value from this relationship. The Media Rating Council and Making Measurement Make Sense Movement both over exaggerate the value of Viewability in the digital advertising marketplace. By examining a plethora of articles and regulatory standards, I have been able to conclude that Viewability is a soft metric that does not provide media insights into the success of a given campaign. By conducting interviews and reviewing articles from the advertising trade press, I have determined that marketers, advertising agencies and publishers must work in tandem to achieve a solution that is both sustainable economically and administrable on a mass scale. The implementation of corporate-specific Viewability standards for marketers would lead to a greater autonomy over the analysis of the success of a particular campaign. Publishers’ refocus on website redesign and roll out of innovative advertising units can drastically contribute to value generation for marketers. In addition, both the MRC and 3MS pivot towards traffic fraud would warrant greater fiscal control over industry media spending and an improved analysis of campaign data. Viewability across the digital advertising industry is simply a singular cog in the wheel of digital media injustice. If the MRC and 3MS refocus their efforts towards fraudulent traffic while adopting a laissez faire approach to tackling Viewability, both organizations will greatly aid in the growth and prosperity of a free and open Internet

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