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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-4-2015

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Dr. Miriam Elman

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Dr. G. Matthew Bonham

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Political Science

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Arts and Science

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water rights, Israel, Palestine

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Social Sciences

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International Relations


Hope for an imminent two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at an extreme low. The failure to reach a comprehensive peace agreement has precluded progress on cooperative water management. A new agreement on water could benefit both sides and help protect important water resources from environmental degradation, yet no talks have occurred outside of more difficult comprehensive negotiations. This has resulted in a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip, lower quantities of quality drinking water for all Palestinians, and impediments in economic development. This paper argues through literature review and polling data that a new approach for negotiations is needed. Then, through interviews with experts, this paper recommends that starting a new round of negotiations with a separate track on water that is not contingent upon a final status agreement could be a path forward. Such an agreement could improve the lives of citizens on the ground, while simultaneously serving as a trust-building step between the two sides.

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