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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-4-2015

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Prof. Quinn W. Mulroy

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Prof. Sarah Pralle

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Political Science

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Arts and Science

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young men of color, empowerment, policy studies, education

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Won Capstone Funding


Honors Categories

Social Sciences

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American Politics


After spending the spring 2014 semester teaching at an urban high school in New York City, I began to question specifically what could be done to better support my students; specifically the young men and boys of color. By serving as a volunteer in the Empowering Males Leadership Class (EMLC) during the spring of 2014, I developed an interest in understanding (1) how the program was effective in servicing young men and boys of color and (2) how the interplay between federal programs and local implementation was characterized. This analysis is a hybrid of political science and policy implementation analysis, with the intentions to understand how supportive service programs intentioned for young men of color are influenced or shaped by the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. Even more so, this project goes on to assess how effective the EMLC’s model is in helping some of the most underachieving students at the case study high school.

This project finds that while the EMLC is effective in creating strong social and emotional environments, it lacks the programmatic and structural ability to increase the academic standing of students. It is also concluded that in order to potentially improve the program to have stronger academic results, a series of wrap around supports are infused into the EMLC model. Regarding implementation, it is found that the program was able to implement within the school setting because of the presence of committed local workers, not a larger external force.

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