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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2015

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Azra Hromadzic, Assistant Professor

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Goodwin Cooke, Professor Emeritus

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International Relations

Capstone College

Arts and Science

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Bosnian refugees, Germany, Sweden, humanitarian, international law

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Won Capstone Funding


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Social Sciences

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International and Area Studies | International Relations


The aim of this project is to explain what factors account for the differentials in treatment of Bosnian refugees in Sweden and Germany. Although both of these states are signatories of the same international conventions that govern states’ humanitarian obligations toward refugees, the resources available to the refugees varied greatly between both countries, which in turn influenced the lived experiences of the Bosnian refugees. This paper examines these discrepancies within the contexts of ideas about national citizenship, the existence of governmental institutions designed to foster refugee integration, and external, non-state factors such as the media and other charitable organizations that were capable of impacting refugee experiences. My research was primarily conducted through an examination of academic sources, including books, journal articles, and scholarly studies. I also relied heavily upon individual interviews conducted by academic researchers as well as primary source documents from both the Swedish and German governments. My research revealed in full form the true complexity of the reasons for the discrepancies and discontinuities in the treatment of Bosnian refugees. The distinctive political and social histories of Sweden and Germany provided yet another rich and complicated dimension to my project. Although my capstone is centered on two specific case studies, the lessons learned from them are invaluable when discussing the wider implications of incorporating humanitarian standards in international laws and agreements.

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