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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2015

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Prof. Devashish Mitra

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Prof. Dan Zacharia

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Arts and Science

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global financial crisis, Ireland, developing economies, economic development

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Social Sciences

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Economic History | Growth and Development | International Economics


Due to the vast developments in technology and information sharing, developing countries now have instant access to a library full of articles documenting the growth of various developed countries in the world. As these countries are searching for an economic model and hoping to replicate its result, they often come across Ireland’s economic success during the Celtic Tiger times. During this period, Ireland transformed from the “poorest of the rich” to “one of Europe’s shining lights.” Although Ireland's economic growth seems extremely appealing, how likely is it that another country could follow Ireland’s success by adopting its economic approach?

This project begins by providing a brief overview of Ireland’s economic history to describe Ireland’s economic status prior to the growth, followed by the build-up to the Celtic Tiger years and Ireland's success, and it ends by analyzing its eventual slowdown due to the global financial crisis. The paper concludes by answering the question, “Is the Celtic Tiger a replicable success story?”

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