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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2013

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Kathleen Brandt, Professor

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Donald Carr, Professor

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School of Art and Design

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Honors Library

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Won Capstone Funding


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Art and Design | Engineering | Industrial and Product Design


Carrying oxygen is a daily struggle for many who are constant oxygen users. From the moment of prescription to continuous portable oxygen therapy, ones life has changed. Every time an individual has to leave their home, they depend on having their form of portable oxygen therapy with them, in addition to other necessary items needed throughout the day.

Currently, many oxygen carriers do not fit the needs of their user. After talking to people using oxygen, doctors, distributers, and therapists, it became clear that there are several issues with current oxygen tanks and carriers. Oxygen cylinders are predominantly used because they are reliable and covered by insurance. My goal was to create a design to help oxygen tank users who are bound to using these bulky cylinders in public.

By transforming the supplemental breathing experience into something that is more comfortable in public, the user will gain confidence in their everyday lives. When someone has to walk out of their home and must decide whether or not to bring their necessary oxygen with them, I want them to have no feelings of shame or embarrassment.

These oxygen users deserve an empathic design solution that encourages public use, on both a functional and emotional level. Therefore, I created a carrier, which is lightweight, durable, and considerate of aesthetics. The design holds both oxygen and anything else a woman would want when away from home. By improving both functional and aesthetic considerations, I envision oxygen users will be able to breath in public with confidence.

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