Mariann Yip

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Honors Capstone Project

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Spring 5-1-2014

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Public Relations

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Public Communications

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Honors Library Drawer

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Won Capstone Funding


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Public Relations and Advertising


Before you spend thousands of dollars on a public relations campaign, it is important to test the campaign materials to a sample population to see what their thoughts and opinions are. Using their feedback, you are then able to tailor the information in a more effective way, thus, creating and launching a successful campaign that accomplishes all of your goals and objectives.

Ellie Mia is a fashion boutique located on Marshall Street in Syracuse, N.Y. This capstone project explores the PR branding methods of the store to increase awareness of its existence, to augment store traffic and business and to build a consistent store image through platforms including photos, an event, a video and a look book.

Two photo shoots were conducted with student models. One of the photo shoots took place on campus and was a fall, college theme, while the other was more glamorous and had an edgy, high fashion theme. A video shoot was also made at the boutique, which gave the viewers a glimpse of the store’s vibe and atmosphere and the clothing and accessories that it had to offer. An event invitation was also created to invite students to relax and shop.

The promotional package was shown to three focus groups, consisting of six people each. The discussion questions were directly related to the research questions, which gave a better understanding on the participants’ thoughts on the boutique before reviewing the sample materials. The participants were also able to discuss recommendations and suggestions on how to improve the campaign materials before they were actually launched.

Half of the participants knew about the existence of Ellie Mia, whereas half of the participants had never heard of it. They all agreed that boutiques generally carry more expensive items than retail and department stores, which was a concern for most students because money and clothing prices are crucial factors in their shopping decisions.

Conclusively, if Ellie Mia is targeting students that are willing to spend more money on clothing and fit a size 0-6, then the campaign materials represent the brand well. However, if Ellie Mia is trying to branch out to a newer audience, then the campaign materials need to be altered in terms of using more diverse, student models and perhaps finding more affordable pieces for the store or offering student discounts.

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